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Hindi Chapter-1 & 2, Revision work

EVS, Chapter-1 & 2

Hindi 1, Chapter-1

EVS, Chapter-1, My Body

Hindi 2, Chapter-1

English Grammar, Chapter-1, Alphabet Fun, & Chapter-2, Sentences

English Spoken

Math, Chapter-1, Large Numbers

English, Chapter-6, The Dussehra Festival

Maths Revision, Chapter-1, 2, 3, 5

Hindi, Chapter-5, Kitab Ka Chakakkar

English, Section One, Chapter - The Classroom in the Train

Social Science, Chapter-1, Civics Democracy

English, Degress of Comparison

Science, Chapter-4, Metals and Non Metals

Math, Sum No. 2 - i to iii of Ex-14.2

Bio, Chapter-13, Part-3

Chapter-8, Graphical Representation of Motion

Math, Chapter-12, Sum No. 4, 5 of Ex-12.1 and Intro of Sector

Social Science History, Chapter-2, Nationalism in India


Geography, Chapter-3, Drainage System

Geography, Chapter - Climate


Accounts Source Documents of Accountancy

Business Organization, Chapter-2, Cooprative Society


Bio, Chapter-1, Part-1

Physics, Chapter-2, Errors


Political Science, Chapter-5, Split in Congress

Geography, Chapter-3, Human Devlopment Part-2


Computer, Chapter-10, Networking

Economics Micro, Chapter-5, Measurement of Elasticity of Demand


Bio, Chapter-12, Biotechnology Part-1

Physics, Chapter-1, Application of Gauss's Law