Common Illness in Summer Season Among Children

common illness in summer season among children

Today we will be discussing common illness in summer season among children. The Summer season brings energy to do more fun, and for children, this is the season they wait the whole year for. Summer vacation is apparently a fun time, and we all wish to enjoy this. However, this is the season in which kids mostly fall ill. Children involved in lots of activities and spend time as much time as they want. So, they required a lot of attention and monitoring, and this is not possible for working parents to keep watching their child all the time. At school in Jaipur teacher should also remember these points so that children could not fall ill.

However, if you are aware of diseases which grow in the summer season, you can save your child at a more significant level from any infection. Do not panic if your kid feels exhaustion, just keep some of the points in mind and follow the rule that ‘ Prevention is Better than Cure’. So, here we have listed some top common illness of summer in kids which you must watch out and take care of.

Common Illness in Summers

#1 SunStrokes

A common illness in summers in kids! Sunstroke can happen when your kid spent too much time in the sun without any protection. Don’t ever take it lightly as it causes many severe diseases as well.

Symptoms of Sunstroke-

Your child feels a headache

  • He feels dizzy
  • He acts disoriented, disturbed, or confused
  • He soon gets tired
  • His body becomes hot, dry, and flushed, but not sweaty
  • Develops a high body temperature

Prevention From Sunstroke-

  • Keep your child well-hydrated before and during he plays in the sun.
  • Schedule outdoor games in early in the morning or evening.
  • Fluid intake in a child’s body should be minimum of 5 oz.
  • Proper clothing is essential such as cotton cloths. Avoid putting on too many clothes.

#2 Hay Fever

common illness in summers

Hay fever is a common condition which causes cold-like signs. It is generated through any allergy from outdoor or indoor allergens, such as pollen, dust mites, saliva shed by cats, dogs or other animals.

Symptoms of Hay Fever-

  • Your kids may suffer from a runny nose and nasal congestion
  • His eyes look Watery, itchy & red
  • Sneezing & cough
  • The roof of mouth or throat
  • His/ her under eyes skin looks blue and swollen
  • Postnasal drip
  • Fatigue

Prevention From Hay Fever

Hay fever basically got no prevention as allergy causes it. The only prevention is that you know from which thing your kid is allergic. You can take allergy medications also consulting to your doctor.

#3 Food Poisoning

common illness in summer season

Food poisoning is also called foodborne illness. It generally affects when you eat or drink such food which contains harmful germs. The reason for this poisoning is the toxin that causes a problem of food poisoning.

Symptoms of Food Poisoning-

  • abdominal pain
  • diarrhoea
  • fever
  • loss of appetite
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • weakness and fatigue

Prevention of Food Poisoning

To prevent food poisoning, avoid-

  • raw or undercooked meat or poultry
  • unpasteurized dairy products
  • raw shellfish
  • unwashed fruits
  • unwashed vegetables

#4 Asthma

common illness during summer

Asthma is a persistent infection of the airways in the lungs. Here are some common asthma symptoms in children-

  • A cough
  • Wheezing, a high-pitched, whistle-like sound when exhaling
  • Trouble breathing or shortness of breath
  • A tight, uncomfortable feeling in the chest

Prevention from Asthma-

  • Follow your asthma action plan consulted by the doctor
  • Get vaccinated for influenza and pneumonia
  • Recognize and avoid asthma triggers as soon as you get to know it
  • Monitor your child’s breathing
  • Identify and treat attacks early

#5 Eczema

summer illness

Eczema is also one the most common summer disease occurs in kids. Eczema causes irritating skin rash which is due to skin allergies that grow and spread due to the heat of summer.

Symptoms of Eczema-

  • Intense itching.
  • The rash appears later and is red and has bumps of different sizes.
  • The rashes may also burn, especially in the thin skin like the eyelids.
  • Painful cracks in the skin can develop over time.

Prevention from Eczema-

  • Ensure that your child drinks liquids from time to time
  • maintain the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness at home
  • Put him on a diet of rich in fibres, water-based fruits
  • Dress your child in loose and lightweight cotton.
  • Keep him indoors during the hottest parts of the day,

So, Parents be attentive and ready to fight these disease and have proper prevention also. Consult to your doctor also so that your kids can enjoy his/ her holiday fully without falling ill. Happy holidays!

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