Mission & vision

Our School seeks to provide a learning environment that is caring, motivating, and supportive allowing all students to achieve their personal best. The students learn to give and receive respect as they are groomed into citizens not only of this country but also of the world. VSI Global School aims to develop in each student awareness of his or her intellectual, artistic, and recreational potential and an understanding of his or her history.

The school believes in the development of each student’s intellectual curiosity and is committed to academic excellence. To fulfill these aims, the objectives of the school are:

  • To promote academics, physical, and personal development in our students.
  • To develop our students, learning skills that will be of lifelong value.
  • To encourage optimistic attitudes in our students.
  • To develop creative skills.
  • To prepare the students for life, to develop the qualities of the mind, the heart, and the skills and attitudes that enable them to cope with the demands of life.

What we do to achieve our mission

  • The process of learning is enjoyable, active, and dynamic.
  • An explicit commitment is made to continuing professional development to encourage teaching methods that are creative, varied, and flexible.
  • Children are taught that problem-solving, creativity, innovation and self-direction characterize work at all levels.
  • Success is recognized, valued and celebrated in a variety of ways at many different levels.
  • We create a spirit of partnership involving the students, staff and parents in which each individual feels welcomed and valued.



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