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Mrs. Ritu Sharma

( Principal )

Today’s world is increasingly interconnected, so the young generation needs to be engaged, reflective and compassionate. We endeavour to nurture and develop in each learner international mindedness, a sense of local as well as global responsibility and above all respect and empathy for all life forms.

We aim to equip student with the knowledge, compassion and prowess that will enable them to become an active and involved citizens of the world. Our students not only have to know themselves and their roots but should also foster a comprehensive perspective that helps them look beyond their community, religion and nationality. They should be able to recognize and respect the incredible diversity and cultural richness that is across our planet. We strive to educate our children about global issues and encourage them to see the larger socio-cultural landscape.

Education empowers, This is exactly what we do at VSI Empower the students to be socially, economically and professionally successful in life. Empower them to be the change and see the change. Empower them to be sensitive to their environment with a progressive attitude.

The foundations of a sound education system laid is the biggest service that one can do for the nation and for humanity. Education shapes the destiny of the nation. Therefore, Nurturing young talent under the tutelage of qualified professionals, VSI has embarked upon the journey of nation-building.

VSI believes in lighting every little lamp that walks into its Universe to enkindle the world tomorrow with wisdom and knowledge.

The qualities inculcated in children since childhood are honed and nurtured, developed and directed with a mission and vision to create people who will lead the world. Nurturing talent to bring out the full potential of students and empower them with a winning attitude, VSI envisions a progressive world where excellence is a way of life.


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