51 Effective Parenting Tips For Toddlers, Teenager And Adult Child

Calming your toddler with a bar of chocolate or scolding him upright for his tantrums, are parenting ways in this new era. Parenting can be authoritative or permissive. The religious leader Sadhguru once said that his mother was uninvolved with his teenage life but somehow turned out to be the best parenting for him.

For parents, their child’s proper mental and physical development is the utmost priority. They understand, observe, and implement various thoughts and techniques gathered from their elders, books, the internet, friends, and all their well-wishers. But there is no same medicine when it comes to co-parenting. Every individual is different and has different ways to deal with the situation. As a family, it is important we understand each other’s temperament and mutually grow with love and care.

This blog has revised more than 3000 effective parenting ideas for newborn, toddler, adolescent, teenage, adult. These parenting ideas stimulate three main concerns for all age groups: Understanding the problem, knowing the reason, and finding a solution. Any solution works best when they are rendering to a specific problem rather than an abstract or hypothetical situation.

10 Advanced Parenting Tips For A New Born Baby Mom And Dad (0-5years)

A healthy toddler is what drives the newly born parents. When an infant is born, there is pressure on parents related to his day-to-day growth. There are specific benchmarks or standard sets for infant height weight, activities, and many more. 

During this time, the common concern or problem  of all the parents are:

How should I feed my infant?

How should I schedule infant day-to-day activity?

How should I ensure that the young child is growing at par with the set standard?

What should I do to keep my baby calm?

When should I send my baby to preschool?

Is homeschooling a good option?

Parents are under so much pressure while taking care of an infant because they listen more to what others have to say rather than understanding their child. 

These 10 advanced parenting tips are simple and effective to ensure that you enjoy every phase of your child’s development from 0 months to 5 years.

Having Authoritative parenting for your toddler can help to shape their personality in a better way. Remember The pre-scholar learning starts at home. We have listed all the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling here

1. Understand The Human Anatomy 

Read more about how our body works to understand and decide what your baby needs to be fit and healthy. This will also help you to quickly find out the reason why your toddler is cranky and fussy. 

2. Understand The Growth Cycle Of Your Child

It is important to allow your baby to grow at his own pace. Being anxious or pressured by comparing them with a set parameter will forbid you to enjoy their steady growth. 

3.Have Patience

Don’t be too harsh on yourself and your baby. Nothing will happen in a day, whether it’s learning to read or eat; have patience with your kid. Remember, every kid is different and takes their own time.

4. Observe Every Activity Of Your Child

First, notice when your toddler sleeps or when they are hungry and then set up a schedule accordingly. Though at times it might differ from the schedule you will gradually develop a routine with them.

5. Talk More With Them 

It’s scientifically proven that a toddler’s brain works at best efficiency in its entire lifetime. Try to talk to them more during this phase to help them have a good vocabulary when they grow. Try saying them kind words also during this time.

6. Read To Them Daily

Research done in 2008 on childhood diseases states that reading a goodnight story daily before bed has shown positive results on many children of 3-5 age groups. This has helped them to develop listening and comprehending skills. If you’re sending your toddler to preschool, make sure the curriculum emphasizes reading books. 

7. Hug, Cuddle, And Show Your Emotions To Them

According to “Joanna Maselko, Ph.D., the lead author of the study and an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke University Medical School, in Durham, North Carolina”,  Physical connection is a must for toddlers. When an infant is out of the womb, they reciprocate only to their mother’s smell or touch, which continues to stay with them till they are five; hence frequent hugs and cuddling make them feel secure and protected.

8. Show Them Your Family Chart

During this stage, make your toddler familiar with the entire family. Make a family chart for them and introduce all the essential family members. This is the time kids set up their circle in their minds.

9. Speak With Them In Gentle Words

Try not to show your aggression to toddlers. Using foul language or rude words will impact their mind and will unsettle them. Always use gentle and kind words while speaking to them.

10. Take Them Out In Nature

Taking toddlers for a stroll in the park or nature at an appropriate time of the day is one of the essential parenting tips to follow. When a kid is in nature, the entire body and mind get active. 

15 Effective Parenting Tips For Older Child And Tween (5-13years)

Children at this stage are prepared to come out of the cocoon and face the world. The parents of the older child or tweens are majorly concerned about their education. When parents do this frequently, they create a special bond with their kids. In co-parenting, there can be a discussion between parents on various subjects like finding a good primary school or how to manage their curriculum, but the ultimate goal of both parents is that their child excels in studies, develops good habits, and becomes happy and healthy. During this time it is good to have permissive parenting 

According to us, the parents of older children’s main concern is to keep them safe and focused. At the same time, they want them to explore and get comfortable with the outer world. But since everything is new for both parents and the kids, there are trust and fear issues. Parents are in an ongoing dilemma in choosing what is best for their kids and how they all need to manage collectively. These 15 effective parenting tips will help you make more assertive decisions and manage any aftermath with ease.

11. Let Your Child Explore 

Allow the curiosity of your kid to enhance and help them to explore whatever attracts them. Let them touch the flowers, or see what’s behind the clock; it’s time for them to learn their surroundings.

12. Allow Your Child To Fall And Cry

While exploring your child gets hurt or cries because he made unreasonable demands, let him learn in his way. You are helping your ward to learn what is right and wrong.

13. Choose Primary School Rationally

Schools are second homes for older kids. Parents need to be very cautious while deciding which school to choose for their kid’s primary education. Read this blog to learn how to choose a good school. 

14. Allow Them To Play With Friends

When kids turn 5, they automatically get detached from their mother and step out into the outer world. You will be amazed to see how fast they learn from their friends and surroundings compared to what you are trying to teach them. 

15. Take Them To Relatives And Friends

It is important to develop social skills among tween. Taking them to your relatives and friends will make them happy to develop the skills and be comfortable in social gatherings.

16. Watch Movies With Them

Plan a movie time once a week with them. Watching movies that are happy and appropriate will not only help kids to learn more things but will also have quality time. 

17. Allow Them To Use Their Imagination

Don’t stop your kids from painting the mango green or using the garbage for fun. At this age kids are opening up to their imagination and as a good parent, let them use it.

18. Teach Them Self Defence

For their safety, make them learn about safety rules in school or while crossing the road. Showing them videos or reading a book on mishappening can help them to know what can go wrong. Sending them to self-defense classes at school is a good decision. 

19.Teach Them About Bad And Good Touch

Both boy and girl should be well informed about good and bad touch as soon as they turn to 4. At the same time, you also need to counsel the kids to immediately speak with you without any fear in case of any inappropriate touch.   

20. Train Them For Any Casualties

Help them to remember the emergency phone numbers, your numbers, and even your address and train them to use them in case of any casualties. You can ask your kids to do first aid while playing a game.   

21.Give Them One Responsibility Of Home

Assign small responsibilities like packing their school bags or arranging their shoes to your tween and help them become responsible.

22. Ask For Their Help When Needed

When you ask for help from your children, it gives them the feeling of doing such work. When parents do this frequently, they create a special bond with their kids.

23. Punish Them Whenever Required 

Parenting should be authoritative at times. Being strict or scolding them when required is also good parenting. Kids need to learn good habits and be disciplined for a healthy life.

24. Inspire Them With Role Models

Read stories of freedom fighters and great kings who have led their lives as examples. Inspire your kid to participate in fancy dress competitions and learn more about the heroes of our country.

25. Allow Them To Go In School Camp 

Nowadays, good primary schools organize camps for students who study in class 3rd, 4th or 5th. We recommend sending your kids to such summer camps with their classmates to groom their personalities.

15 Interesting Parenting Tips For Teenagers(13-18years)

Being a teenager is tough for both the child and parent. As a parent, there is an expectation of certain behavior from the child while a child struggles with physical and mental changes within them. A teenager is still a child but is expected to behave like an adult. Certain aspects are new for both parents and kids, which can be handled easily if we behave more maturely and sympathetically. During this phase of a child’s growth, parents’ main concern is their higher studies, lifestyle, and friends. It is a time when you have to stop being a parent and start being a friend to your teen child.   

Parents of teenagers always complain about child rude behavior or isolation from the family. Too much time on mobile phones or being rebellious is the most common concern of every teen parent in India. Overprotective parents fail to see teenage kids as growing adults and continue interfering with their choice, which is the real reason for all the problems. These 15 parenting tips are not only exciting but will amaze you with astounding results.

26. Treat Them Like Your Friend

If your child has entered a senior wing in school, they need to be treated more like friends. Listen to them more, and avoiding continuous nagging is the key to keeping a healthy, friendly relationship with your teenage child.

27. Let Them Learn From Their Mistakes

Parents of teens should work to gain strength to remain silent even when they see them making some terrible choices. Making them learn the hard way can be a better way to teach a life lesson.

28. Don’t Judge Their Choices.

The other basic responsibility of parents is to stop judging people on their choices. Your child must not be behaving in the manner you want them to, but he creates his sense of what is right and bad for him. 

29. Don’t Guide Them In Authoritative Tone.

This is the time when your child needs submissive parenting. The teen during this phase of life is usually more rebellious and energetic. To mold their personality in a gentle frame, maintain a submissive tone while guiding.

30. Support Their Decision 

Even If your child comes out to be gay to you accept it and support their decision. There is nothing too wrong or good in today’s society. Being with your child in their weakest moment is what good parenting is all about.

31. Allow Them To Adopt The Changes 

Your teenage child is going through hormonal changes and entering puberty. Be patient with them and help them to adapt to the changes happening in their body and mind.

32. Help Them To Love Themselves

This is a very delicate phase for your child. They might be bullied at school or have faced any molestation outside. Your love and appreciation will always help them to fight with it and feel good about themselves.

33. Share Your Goofy Moments With Them

Let your teenager know that goof-ups are part of everyone’s life. It is okay to make a fool of themselves at times. This will help them to accept themselves the way they are.

34. Appreciate Their Efforts Not Only Their Achievements

Even when your kids fail in exams or don’t win any competition, appreciate them for taking a chance. In the real world, it is more important to keep going even after failing.

35. Try To Understand Their True Instinct

A teenage kid is confused in many terms. As a good parent, it is important to understand your child’s true capacity and interest. The only way to know true instinct about your child is to observe him throughout and take help from their teachers.

36. Learn From Them

If your kid is good at something, learn from them. Allowing them to be a guide will help them be more responsible and build more confidence in their specific skills.

37. Plan A Road Trip With Them

Plan a road trip with your teenage child. Let them be your navigator and help you in making decisions. A travel journey can be both for single parenting or co-parenting. 

38. Give Them Their Space

Let your child spend some time in his room when he is above 14 years of age. At the same time, smart parents need to track their kid’s internet activity smartly. 

39. Encourage Them To Take Up Their Hobby Classes

Developing a hobby and spending time cultivating that hobby is what is demanded in this digital era. As a parent, you should develop a hobby for yourself and encourage your child to do so.

40. Laugh With Them

Do you remember when the last time you sat with your kid and had a great laugh was? If you are not doing this, then do it now. Share some jokes and have some good laughs with your growing child.

11 Magical Parenting Tips For Young Adult (18-24 years)

Though a kid after 18 years is not a kid but a young adult, who needs parents to share all their challenges and victory, parents’ primary concern at this stage of children’s life is about their professional and emotional stability. Getting married and doing a 9 a.m-5 p.m job is old school nowadays. Due to social upliftment, the new generation has a different mindset and desire. The difference in the mentality of two generations is the root cause of the problems with young adult children, which most Indian parents shared at various issues. These 11 proven magical parenting tips will help you support your son or daughter in unleashing their true potential and giving their best to family and society.

41. Be A Role Model To Them

Parents inspire a child throughout his growth. Parents need to lead a disciplined, healthy, and happy life to be the ideal role model for their kids. With their parenting tips, you can be a role model for your young adult child.

42. Provide Happy Atmosphere At Home

If you want your young child to stay more time with family, try to keep a happy and healthy atmosphere at home. The study has found that young boys and girls of families with a lot of fights and abuse are more addicted to abusive substances.

43. Allow Them To Take Their Responsibility

Your child is a grown man or woman now. Let them take their responsibility towards their profession, family. In India, many young adults get married at 22 age and even have a child by 23 or 24. As per good parenting, be the silent invigilator to your adult child.

44. Never Ask Too Many Question From Them

When are you going to come, when will you get married, who are your friends? Don’t bombard your young adult child with so many questions. Create an equation with your adult child where they share all details with you.

45. Trust On Your Upbringing And Your Values

Your right parenting is reassured when your child turns out to be a gentle, kind, and marvelous young adult. If you have been leading your life with the right principles and values, your child will turn out to be the same human being.

46. Forgive, Forget And Restart

There is a huge difference in the way a parent and adult child think. Instead of creating too much congestion in a relationship, both parents and child should forgive, forget and restart. 

47. Establish A Cordial Relationship With Their Friends

Whenever your adult child brings their friends home, good parenting will advise to give them a warm welcome them. If parents disagree with any relationship, they can be vocal with valid reasons.

48. Don’t Tangle Them With Too Many Emotions

Let your child make the decision rationally without tangling in any emotional burden. It is time for them to lead their life in their own capacity. Being emotional is good, but if it hampers your child’s growth, you should avoid doing this as a good parent.

49. Don’t Let Yourself Imposed On Your Kids.

Every parent expects respect, care from their kids when they grow up. But some parents become too imposing or demanding, which might affect their relationship. As a parent to a millennial, rooting self-dependency in everyone’s mind is the best solution.

50. Support In Their Unconventional Thought Process

The millennial youth is unconventional and demands new thinking. Don’t be hesitant in adapting to the changes and as a parent find a way to sustain some old traditional substantial value in the new revolutionary lifestyle.

51. Let Them Live Their Life  

As lord Mahavira says life and let’s live, can be a golden parenting tip for young adults. As a parent, you can guide your kid till he is 5year old. When he is above six allow him to play his natural game and guide him through authoritative and permissive parenting. But Once your child turns 18, the best advice is to take a back seat and see how you have reaped your kid’s future with your good parenting. 

We hope this blog will help you understand the real causes of problems while handling a toddler, teenager, or adolescent. VSI Global school is one of the best English medium schools in Jaipur, which works towards students’ complete growth. We have been sharing many other relevant thoughts with parents and students through our blogs. If you have anything to ask regarding your child’s education, contact us.

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